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This 2000 Country Coach and Blazer tow car are test vehicles for most of the products we sell. The chassis 8D batteries are maintained by an AquaPro single point watering system, as well as an Echo~Charge charge maintainer. The 4WD Chevy Blazer is equipped with a Remco driveline disconnect, and an M&G braking system with breakaway. All of these products have served us well for years.

Here to Help You
We formed RV Power Supply to provide to others, products that have solved particular problems that have confronted us over the years. After owning an RV park for 12 years, we have seen first hand many battery related RV problems.

Qwik-Fill and Pro-Fill Battery Watering Systems
Every RV we have owned has been a nightmare to not only check battery water level, but to add water, without overfilling. Now you can throw away the turkey-basters and mirrors. Whether 12 volt (Qwik-Fill) or 6 volt (Pro-Fill) these products solve the problem, with a safe, accurate and clean method to maintain both.

Unsolicited comments from owners of Qwik-Fill at a recent RV show:

“Smartest thing I ever did.” -- Tom, from Palm West, FL

“Those are great rigs.” -- Marvin, from Newbury, OR

“I have one, wouldn’t be without it.” -- Dick, from La Quinta, CA

“Works like a charm.” -- Shane, from St. George, UT

“You saved my life, and my clothes.” --"Cowboy” from Quartzsite, AZ

"Good as gold." -- Jimmy, from Tyler, TX

"The best product at this show!" -- Bobby from Lubbock, TX & Hog on a Log Concession, Quartzsite, AZ

Unsolicited comments from owners of Pro-Fill at a recent RV show:

"Best deal. Best money I ever spent.” -- Jack, from Grand Junction, CO

“I love it.” -- Vince, from Vista, CA

“I put this on a while back, it’s great.” -- Mike, from Lake Havasu City, AZ

“Best investment I ever made, wish I could use it more often.” -- Orman, from Mesa, AZ

"Great, it works wonderful." -- Susan, from Paradise, CA

"Best '####' investment I ever made." -- Jim, from Bakerfield, CA

"Best thing invented by man." -- Guy, from Bullhead City, AZ

AquaPro 8D and 4D Battery Watering System
AquaPro by Rover & Rover Int'l Inc.  The only known battery watering system to fill 8D and 4D 12 volt batteries.  A single point watering system to accurately maintain your batteries.

Unsolicited comment from an owner of an AquaPro System:

"I wanted to let you know that I received the system a couple of days ago and immediately the next day the second connecting valve as well. This morning I took them out to my Coach and swapped one of the caps for a valve, to make sure it fit ok, and it was perfect!! The mechanical artist that works on my Coach happened to be there (under another RV) so I chatted him up and he’s doing the install Tuesday or Wednesday. I am thrilled.

RV Power Supply is the BEST!! After many contacts with different vendors: one email to rvpowersupply and DONE!!"

-- Jim, from Sun City


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