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AquaPro®Battery Watering System
by Rover & Rover Int'l Inc.

The only known battery watering system to fill 8D and 4D 12 volt batteries.  A single point watering system to accurately maintain your batteries.

Superior Shut-off Valve

While other single point battery watering systems may function satisfactorily, they all pose some type of problem for the user. Some systems only work properly with high feed pressure. If they don't get enough water at enough pressure they will not shut off and the cells will flood. To combat this risk the user is forced to buy an expensive pressure tank. Certain systems operate within such a small range of pressure, that if the user erroneously creates a higher pressure than outlined by the manufacturer, the system will react by pouring water all over the battery casing. Yet other systems complicate things by requiring a variety of hose diameters to complete the configuration, and limiting the number of cells which can be linked via one string. Another frequent and serious problem inherent in all other systems is the reaction to air in the hose network - causing the valve to shut off the inflow of water prematurely, even if the battery does not have enough water. Prevention requires the user to purge the system before starting the watering process.

Forget all this with AquaPro®.  We understand the needs of battery maintenance/watering systems and the forces of water. Here are the facts about the ingenious shut off valve, which make AquaPro® superior.

  • Multi Pressure AquaPro's shut-off valve is able to operate with the low gravity pressure created by an elevation of 1.5 m (5 ft) all the way through to the high pressure of 45 psi (3 bar) - the widest range of all available fill systems in the world!

  • High Speed AquaPro's shut-off valve has the largest water passage of all watering systems--making it to the fastest!

  • Air Immunity AquaPro's shut-off valve is virtually immune to air in the hose system WITHOUT PURGING!

  • Reliable Function AquaPro's shut-off valve uses the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces of water, always adapting to existing pressure conditions. This makes AquaPro® more reliable than any other watering system.

  • Precise Filling AquaPro's shut-off valve ensures an absolutely precise electrolyte level from the first cell to the last. Every fill cap will stop replenishing exactly when the required electrolyte level is reached in its cell.

  • Incline Tolerance AquaPro's shut-off valve works perfectly, even if the battery is 15 degrees out of level, because of the movable linked valve. The user does not have to worry if the vehicle is on an incline or level.

  • Series Connection AquaPro's shut-off valve allows the fill caps to be strung together theoretically without limitation. No parallel branches are needed.

All-In-One Snap-In Coupler

In pursuit of our mission to make battery watering as easy as possible we developed the globally unique combination of a coupler, valve, filter, and flow indicator in one. In some styles the coupler acts as a built-in Y-Splitter. Installation of our All-In-One Snap-In Coupler saves time and money by eliminating the need to struggle with multiple connectors and gaskets. Other systems force users to cut hoses, install individual junctions, and use outside filters and flow indicators. Not our All-In-One Snap-In Coupler!

The All-In-One Snap-In Coupler is easier to use too because there are no buttons to push or slides to manipulate - just snap-in and snap-out. Even our flow indicator is special! Visible from 360°, the yellow spinning balls signal that water is entering the cells. When they stop spinning, it means that all cells have enough water and the watering procedure is finished! The large surface area of the incorporated filter, when used under normal conditions, guarantees the coupler will last for multiple battery lifetimes.

Single Point Battery Watering System

AquaPro® - The outstanding battery watering system that turns a flooded lead acid battery into an all but maintenance-free energy supply.

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