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Pro-Fill 6 Volt Battery Maintenance/Watering System

Why use the Pro-Fill Battery Maintenance/Watering System?  Motor home owners know how difficult it is at times to service the auxiliary batteries.  Even though they are on a slide out tray in most instances, it still can be a hassle to make sure that the cells of the batteries located in back are properly filled.

Coach owners understand that low water level in the cells is one of the most common causes of battery failure in motorhomes. To alleviate the monthly inconvenience of checking water levels in all cells, many owners instead opt to install economical solutions from Flow-Rite Controls, the leader in single-point battery watering systems.

The company has taken its battery maintenance expertise in the commercial realm and used it to solve the battery maintenance problem in motorhomes. The results of the product research is "Pro-Fill on board battery watering system".

This innovative kit replaces the standard wet-cell battery caps with a special manifold like caps featuring an automatic shutoff that allows the cells to be filled perfectly without even seeing or touching the battery. The manifolds from one battery can be daisy chained to link multiple batteries together so all are filled just as easily as one.

Flow-Rite offers Pro-Fill kits for single and multiple battery configurations (6 or 12 volt batteries). Each Pro-Fill kit contains manifold caps for each battery and tubing.

Installation is a breeze:
Remove the stock battery caps, install the new caps in their place and
run the connecting tubing per instructions. The installation will take only 10 minutes or less to complete. This setup will allow you to fill all the batteries at the same time without ever moving the heavy battery tray from its locked position.

All you do is attach the filler hose/handy pump to the connection coming from the battery bank and give the bulb a couple of squeezes. When it's hard, they batteries are perfectly filled. Squeezing the filler bulb forces water form a container of distilled water (not included) into and through each battery's manifold caps. When the displacer in each cell rises to a predetermined level, it shuts off water flow to that cell. Within seconds every cell in the bank of batteries is filled to within 1/16 inch of optimum level. You can't over or under fill.

The kit can be easily moved from one set of batteries to another.

The new Trojan T105 Plus and T125 Plus now have a tapered cell, which makes installation of the normal Pro-Fill valve very difficult. RV Power Supply now carries the -7 Pro-Fill valve that is designed to easily fit the new Trojan Plus batteries. The -7 will also work on all 6V deep cycle batteries. We are now using this new universal kit on all expanded systems, in the event the user switches back to Interstate, US Battery, or Exide deep cycle 6 volt batteries.

Also available for your 12 volt batteries.

Introducing the Flow-Rite Battery Watering System for golf cars and utility vehicles, a new vehicle accessory that makes the difficult task of watering golf car and utility vehicle batteries elementary. It consists of automatic shut-off valves mounted in each battery cell, interconnected with tubing. The valves replace the standard vent caps. A quick coupler allows the tubing to be connected to a water supply. Water flows into each cell to the proper level and a flow indicator tells the operator when all the cells have been topped. The entire process takes a mere 20 seconds or less per vehicle.

Easy to Install
A Flow-Rite Battery Watering System can be installed on a vehicle in about five minutes. Simply replace the vent caps with our valve manifold, connect the manifolds with tubing segments by simply pushing the tubing onto barb connectors, cap the unused barb ports and attach the quick coupler. That's all there is to it!

The Flow-Rite Battery Watering System is warranted for 3 years. All materials of construction are acid and temperature resistant. Flow-Rite Battery Watering Systems have been in use on industrial fork lifts since 1985. The materials of construction have reliably withstood the harsh environment of heavy industrial use. Each valve is date coded so you have our guarantee that it will last five years.







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