Remco Lube Pump

Prevents transmission damage from occurring on your front-wheel drive vehicle.

When your car with an automatic transmission is driven, the transmission is lubricated by an engine-driven transmission fluid pump. When the car is towed, this engine driven pump does not operate. Another means of lubrication is needed. REMCO's Lube Pump was developed to provide a reliable lubrication system for the transmission while it's being towed.


  • 1/8 HP self-priming diaphragm pump insures high volume lubrication.
  • Full volume selector valve directs oil for driving or towing.
  • Electronic monitor on motorhome dashboard safeguards the transmission.
  • Easily transferred to any other approved vehicle.
  • One coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor, and towed vehicle tail lights.
  • All wiring and fluid connections for car and motorhome included.
  • Each make/model transmission tested for 20,000 miles before approved.
  • Easy installation by garage or weekend mechanic. Complete step-by-step installation instructions provided.
  • One year/10,000 miles limited warranty (warranty not applicable on transmissions with over 40,000 miles).

Tow your vehicle on all four wheels without the need of dollies. No odometer mileage accumulation on vehicles with electronic speedometers. All that from a patented system that a mechanic can install in approximately 6 hours.

The Lube Pump is conveniently located under the engine hood, draws transmission fluid from the pan then pumps to the selector valve. This valve directs the fluid through the radiator cooler then into the lubrication system. Remco's Lube Pump is powered from the motorhome's battery and fed into a small electronic monitor. The electronic monitor mounted near the motor home driver, has a green light and a red light with an audible alarm that will alert the operator of any problems in the lubrication system including failure to turn the system on or failure to connect the electrical plug to the car.

One coiled electrical cable between the motor home and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor and vehicle tail lights. For added convenience, Remco has included a tail light diverter. Packet diverters automatically switch the car's tail light system to towing each time you hook up.

For over 14 years and with over 80,000 units sold, the Remco Lube Pump has proven to be a safe and reliable product for towing your front wheel drive vehicle. The Lube Pump will fit most front wheel drive vehicles made by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and some Mazdas.

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