Mastercool 52224-A Portable Infrared Tire Temperature Thermometer


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The Mastercool 52224-A offers laser targeting accuracy, enhanced back-lit LCD Display and an expanded temperature range. The compact design is simple to use and easy to store.

All safety experts agree, under-inflated tires contribute to many fatal and injury accidents each year.

"Heat is a tire's number one enemy", said Dan Zielinski, Rubber Manufacturing Association Vice President.  Under-inflated tires cause heat buildup that can damage tires and lead to tire failure.

Dennis Brown, Owner/Operator of "A Tire Man", mobile tire sales and service of San Diego states, "When the center reading of a tire is hotter than the shoulder reading, the tire is over-inflated.  When the shoulder is hotter than the center, this indicates under-inflation.  When checking steering tires, ideally the tread face should read the same shoulder-to-shoulder when properly inflated.  In some cases, alignment can come into play, and that's another situation.  When reading properly inflated steering tire temperatures, a reading that is warmer on the outside or inside shoulder may possibly indicate an alignment problem."

The Mastercool 52224-A is also useful for checking brakes, wheel bearings, and air leaks around doors, windows, and refrigerator seals, and checking the efficiency of air conditioners, heaters, and any other item that produces heat or cold.

Note: The Mastercool 52224-A is not meant to replace an accurate tire gauge and periodic inspection of your tires.

Mastercool 52224-A Portable IR Thermometer Specifications

Display 4 digit LCD
Display Illumination Backlit LCD Display
Field of View 12:1
Target Indicator Single laser spot
Emissivity 0.98
Power Off Automatic power-off after 15 seconds
Temperature range -50 to 500C (-58 to 932F)
Accuracy 2C (4F) or 2% of reading
Resolution 0.5C (0.5F)
Repeatability Within 1% of reading or 1C (2F)
Response time 0.5 second
Battery life (Alkaline) Approximately 180 hours (Alkaline battery)
Accessories 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual, carrying case

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