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Towed Vehicle Battery Charger
and Maintainer Kit

Keeps Your Towed Vehicle Battery FULLY CHARGED...

No More Dead Dinghy Batteries Due to Parasitic Loads!
Automatically charges and maintains the battery in your dinghy vehicle (or "Toad") while you're towing it. Eliminates battery discharge problems due to leaving the ignition switch on, supplemental braking systems, etc.

  • Prevents Dinghy Battery Drain when towing behind your motorhome.
  • Powerful 10 Amp Output solves the toughest discharge problems.
  • Complete - nothing Else To Buy. Includes 60' cut-to-length wire harness, Charge Regulator, Circuit Breaker, all mounting hardware and connectors, illustrated installation instructions.
  • Installs Permanently. No need to remove system when not towing your dinghy vehicle.
  • Unplugs When Not In Use. Center harness stows with your tow bar.
  • Completely Automatic. No more pulling fuses and relays in your dinghy vehicle every time you tow it.
  • Fully Independent Connections. Provides its own power and ground connections to the dinghy battery. Completely unaffected by any existing wiring and connectors to dinghy vehicle.
  • Prolongs Dinghy Battery Life. Prevents destructive deep discharges. Pays for itself the first time you don't have to replace a ruined battery.
  • Designed With Safety In Mind. Fully protected against overloads and short circuits at both ends of the wiring harness.
  • LED Status Indicators on Charge Controller monitor all charging functions, warn against improper hook-up.
  • Rugged, Reliable Components. Weatherproof, epoxy-encapsulated Charge Controller and Circuit Breaker. Extra-thick 12 gauge wire harness delivers maximum charging current to your dinghy battery.
  • Universal Fit. Fits all motorhomes and all dinghy vehicles.
  • Full One-Year Warranty. Toll-free technical support, 7 days a week. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Designed, Built and Supported in the USA


The COMPLETE SOLUTION for dinghy vehicle battery charging!


SIMPLE TO INSTALL Connects between your motorhome and dinghy vehicle. No alterations to either vehicle's existing wiring.

TOAD-CHARGE™ Installation Instructions (PDF)

SIMPLE TO USE Three status indicator lights monitor the charge process, confirm proper hook-up.


SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN Connectors and dust caps are weatherproof and user-replaceable.

TOAD-CHARGE Frequently-Asked Questions:

HOW DOES TOAD-CHARGE™ WORK? The TOAD-CHARGE™ kit connects between your motorhome and dinghy vehicle, using the motohome's 12 volt electrical system to supply charging current to your dinghy vehicle's battery. The kit supplies whatever amount of current your dinghy vehicle battery needs to keep it charged (up to a maximum of 10 continuous amps). This current is available whenever the motorhome engine is running.

WILL TOAD-CHARGE™ WORK WITH MY PARTICULAR BRAND OF MOTORHOME AND DINGHY VEHICLE? Yes, the kit is designed for universal installation, and works with ALL motorhomes and dinghy vehicles equipped with 12 volt electrical systems.

WILL TOAD-CHARGE™ OVERCHARGE MY DINGHY VEHICLE'S BATTERY? No, the Charge Controller supplies only the amount of current being demanded by your dinghy battery to keep it charged. Up to 10 amps of charging current is available, but just a fraction of that amount is typically supplied (depending on how much current is being drawn by the ignition/accessory switch, dashboard lights, supplemental braking system, etc.).

HOW EASY IS IT TO DISCONNECT TOAD-CHARGE™ FROM THE DINGHY VEHICLE WHEN I'M NOT TOWING IT? Although the kit is installed permanently, it has plug-in connectors at the back of the motorhome, at the front of the dinghy vehicle, and on both ends of the tow bar. This allows the tow bar to be completely removed and stowed, or left attached to either the motorhome or dinghy vehicle when not in use. The kit also comes with snap-on dust caps, to protect the connectors when they aren't in use.

DOES THE TOAD-CHARGE™ KIT WORK WITH GELL-CELL OR AGM BATTERIES? Yes, TOAD-CHARGE™ works with all lead-acid battery chemistries - Gell-Cell, AGM and conventional Flooded-Cell.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I START EITHER VEHICLE WHILE TOAD-CHARGE™ IS CONNECTED? The Charge Controller prevents your motorhome from supplying excessive current through the wire harness when you start the dinghy vehicle's engine. Similarly, the Charge Controller will not allow any current to flow from the dinghy back to the motorhome, thereby preventing excessive current draw when you start the motorhome engine.

CAN I CONNECT THE TOAD-CHARGE™ KIT TO MY MOTORHOME'S HOUSE BATTERIES INSTEAD? Yes, this approach has the advantage of allowing you to charge your dinghy vehicle overnight, using AC shore power and your motorhome's DC power converter or inverter/charger to supply the charging current. As soon as the motorhome engine is started, its electrical system takes over the process, continuing to supply charging current to the dinghy vehicle. The installation instructions describe how to connect the kit in this manner.

MY BUS CONVERSION HAS A 24 VOLT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. WILL TOAD-CHARGE™ WORK WITH IT? On 24 volt buses equipped with a 12 volt house battery bank, TOAD-CHARGE™ can be usually be connected to the 12 volt house batteries (provided they receive a charge from the engine while the bus is being driven). It can NOT be connected directly to a 24 volt electrical system.

You'll need:

(1.) a power drill and 1/8" drill bit to drill the mounting holes for the charge controller and circuit breaker,
(2.) a #2 Phillips screwdriver to mount the charge controller and circuit breaker,
(3.) wire cutters to cut the wire harness to desired length,
(4.) a 1/8" slotted screwdriver to attach the harness wires to the connectors,
(5.) a 11/32" nutdriver or socket to connect the wire harness to the circuit breaker,
(6.) wire strippers or a knife to remove the insulation from the wire harness ends, and
(7.) a crimp tool for crimping the ring terminals on the motorhome wire harness and dinghy charge controller.

CAN I USE MY MOTORHOME'S EXISTING REAR HITCH CONNECTOR, INSTEAD OF YOUR 40 FOOT MOTORHOME WIRE HARNESS? Yes, provided that your existing wiring and hitch connector are adequate for supplying up to 10 amps to the TOAD-CHARGE™ Charge Controller, plus any other dinghy vehicle loads (i.e., transmission lube pump, supplemental braking system, etc.). A TOAD-CHARGE™ Dinghy Kit is available separately for this purpose, and contains only the parts that install in the dinghy vehicle (i.e., Charge Controller, nylon wire ties, battery terminal connectors, mounting screws, etc.) You simply connect it to your motorhome's existing hitch connector and tow bar interconnecting cable.

Note that the motorhome wire harness included in our complete TOAD-CHARGE™ kit includes a dedicated ground wire and connector pin, in order to avoid the combined voltage drops from the dinghy's running lights, lube pump, supplemental braking system and TOAD-CHARGE™ Charge Controller. If you use your existing motorhome wiring and connector instead, this important advantage may be lost. Also, note that an adequate circuit breaker or fuse MUST be present on your existing motorhome power wire. Without it, a fire hazard exists in the event of a wiring fault. If this protection isn't already present in your motorhome's wiring, please consider installing the 15 Amp Circuit Breaker (which is optionally available as part of the Dinghy Kit).

The Dinghy Kit is also ideal for motor home owners who tow more than one dinghy vehicle. No need to buy several complete TOAD-CHARGE™ kits.

DOES THE 15 AMP CIRCUIT BREAKER NEED TO BE INSTALLED NEAR MY MOTORHOME BATTERIES? It needs to be installed as close to the battery end of the motorhome wire harness as possible. This ensures that the entire length of the harness is protected against short circuits and overcurrent. Installing it at some midpoint in the harness (or at the motorhome hitch connector) defeats this important protective feature, and is NOT recommended.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE REVISION E CHARGE CONTROLLER AND EARLIER VERSIONS? The Revision E controller is microprocessor-based (earlier versions used an analog design), and has less forward voltage drop when supplying high charging current to the dinghy battery. The Rev E controller also has screw terminals, eliminating the need to cut or remove wires when replacing it.

AFTER I HAVE INSTALLED THE TOAD-CHARGE™ KIT, HOW DO I KNOW THAT IT'S WORKING? After plugging in the tow bar and motorhome connectors, plug in the dinghy vehicle connector while observing the Charger Controller's status lights. The green POWER and yellow CHARGING lights should immediately blink 3 times to confirm that the controller is receiving power and operating normally.

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