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Starting Battery Charger/Maintainer


• Keeps starting battery fully charged, even during long periods of storage or inactivity
• Works with diesel or gas engines
• Allows quick, effortless engine starting

• Completely automatic — Install it and forget it!
• Unique design "steals" power from your house battery charger — No AC wiring or extension cords required
• LED status-at-a-glance indicators
• Also works with solar panels

Provides up to 5 Amps of charging current
• Built-in blocking diode keeps starting battery fully charged, even if house batteries are completely discharged
• Fully protected against overcurrent, short circuits
• Works with single or dual (diesel) starting batteries

• Costs much less than any other battery maintainer product on the market!
• Pays for itself in longer life for starting battery, reduced starter wear

• Installs in seconds with battery clips, or can be permanently mounted
• Instructions, mounting hardware included

• Rugged, weatherproof epoxyencapsulated enclosure
• American-Made
• One-Year Warranty

Ultra TRIK-L-START™ keeps your starting battery fully charged, even when the engine isn't started for months at a time. Perfect for boats, motorhomes and other applications where separate house and starting batteries are present, TRIK-LSTART ™ eliminates any need to regularly run your engine just to keep the starting battery charged. Thus, you save fuel, time and needless engine wear.

HOW IT WORKS — TRIK-LSTART ™ diverts current from your house battery charger or power converter, sending it to the starting battery. In effect, it "siphons off" some of the charging current that would normally go to your house batteries, instead using it to keep the starting battery fully charged. A built-in regulator circuit automatically limits maximum charge current to a safe rate. As a full charge is reached, this current drops off to a small trickle. Several frontpanel LEDs display charging system status at a glance, and warn of improper hookup.

Whenever AC power isn't available, a built-in Schottky blocking diode keeps the starting battery from being discharged due to any electrical loads on the house batteries. Thus, your starting batteries are always maintained in a peak state of readiness.

TRIK-L-START™ installs in just several seconds, with three simple connections between your house and starting batteries. Battery clips are included for making quick temporary connections; crimp-on ring terminals and mounting screws are also included for more permanent installations. TRIK-LSTART ™ works with all battery isolators, and with all battery selector switches. Since it doesn't rely on AC power to operate, it also works well with solar panels. The rugged circuitry is fully protected against short circuits, high starting currents and reverse polarity, and is housed in a weatherproof epoxy-encapsulated enclosure. Backed by a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, TRIK-L-START™ is truly a product you can rely on — year after year.

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